About Us

Company Overview

Fast Service, Friendly Staff, Fantastic Support….and Family

Empiretech is a family-run business. But the word “family” means so much more to us than its traditional meaning.

Our team is our family. All members of the Empiretech team -- whether they are employees or vendors -- bring individual skills and knowledge that make us, and our services for clients, stronger as a whole.

Our clients are our family. Their tech problems are our problems. We give them the same attention and service we’d want for our own business. Just like family members, our clients have varying needs, and we make sure to give each client personalized attention and services to meet their business’s unique technology requirements.

The Empiretech Leadership Team

Dawn LeGere


Carl LeGere

VP / Chief Technology Officer

Jeffrey R. Trombly

Senior Systems Analyst

The Empiretech Family Story

Empiretech started off as a dream for Carl LeGere. Throughout high school and college, he used his knowledge and training to develop computers, hoping that someday he’d earn a living working as a full-time “Computer Guy.” He took a job right out of college, taking care of a small luggage company’s factory operations. But shortly thereafter he was tasked to maintain the company’s IT system, too. He loved what he was doing, but wanted to do it full time. He quickly moved on to working as a Network Technician for a small tech consulting company.

Running a tech company wasn’t a dream of Dawn LeGere. So, when Carl came to her in late 1998 -- shortly after they got married and had just bought a house -- and said he wanted to start his own tech consulting business, she thought he was crazy. But being a dreamer herself, she agreed to become a partner in Carl’s dream. He would handle the tech, and she would run the business. Like Carl, what she didn’t know how to do, she researched and learned. As time has passed and Dawn’s skills have grown, she’s come to love the client/vendor relations, product/solution development, project logistics/scheduling, marketing, and HR hats she’s worn as President of Empiretech. Carl’s dream has become her dream.

Soon after starting the business the Empiretech family grew with the addition of Jeff Trombly. Carl and Jeff had worked together as Network Technicians at the same small tech consulting company where Carl started. Jeff, like Carl, had a drive to continually learn new ways to help small businesses manage their technology needs. If he didn’t know how to do something, he would research it to learn how.

That’s the running theme with Empiretech. Our skills, products, and services have grown as a direct result of the challenges that our clients have needed help with. If our clients have a need, we’ll either find a source for them, or learn how to do it ourselves. As our work family has grown, and continues to grow, our collective knowledge allows us to offer clients the ability to run small- and mid-sized businesses while accessing enterprise-grade, proactive technology solutions. Everything from simply providing hosted email, security, remote management systems, to consulting and providing materials for build outs, being your outsourced IT department, and any other tech need that comes up for our clients, Empiretech is up for the challenge.